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How Different Fuels Impact Your Car and its Fuel Efficiency

At Double-D Tyreright, we are experts in tyres and tyre maintenance. We have written many articles that guide you, our customer, through what to expect when buying tyres, what to look out for, how to care for your tyres - the list goes on!

As experts in this field, our knowledge extends beyond tyres and we like sharing it. So, this article is on an essential aspect of your vehicle — fuel and fuel efficiency.

The link between fuel types and fuel efficiency

Filling your car, truck or ute up on fuel is a regular, every-day thing. However, there are many misconceptions out there about fuel and the different types of fuel, especially when it comes to fuel efficiency.

Many believe that fuel efficiency is linked to fuel cost. However, can we really say that your vehicle will perform better with the more expensive petrol? Read on as we delve into the various aspects of fuel and fuel efficiency.

Fuel Octane Ratings - what do they mean?

An important part of understanding fuel is knowing what Octane Ratings mean and if they should influence which fuel you purchase.

At the service station, you may see Octane Ratings alongside the different types of petrol. A common assumption is that superior fuel comes with a better Octane Rating. So, many will go ahead and purchase the petrol with the higher rating (and price-tag!) without actually knowing if it's worth it for their type of vehicle.

So, should you spend the extra money and buy the higher-rated fuel?

Unless recommended by a professional, don't waste your money on a more expensive fuel,

Honestly, probably not. Unless a professional has advised you to, don't waste your money! High-rated fuels are more suited to high-performance vehicles for their safety. Octane ratings indicate the risk of petrol igniting under pressure before the spark plug can ignite it.

If you have a relatively new, high-performance vehicle, then purchasing a higher rated fuel may be something to consider as the fuel may help performance. Although, seek professional advice as your vehicle's performance may not be impacted by the more expensive fuel.

If your vehicle doesn't need high Octane Rated fuel, then save your money.

"Knock" problems and fuel efficiency

The process of running an engine is fuel being sprayed into it and then a spark plug lighting up and igniting it the fuel.

A "knock" problem occurs when the fuel ignites before the spark plugs activate, generally resulting in damage and wear to the engine. It's best to get your "knock" problem sorted by a professional as soon as possible to minimise the damage.

On the upside, "knock" problems aren't too common in newer cars due to the way they are now manufactured. Manufacturers now make internal systems with lower compression ratios that prevent "knock" problems. However, to avoid these problems, you may need to use a specific octane fuel - check with your vehicle's manufacturer.

Other factors to consider for fuel efficiency

  • Consider removing unnecessary items from your car - the added weight contributes to burning through fuel quicker.

  • Ensure your tyre pressure is right - your tyres aren't working effectively when they haven't insufficient pressure which results in more fuel consumption.

We hope you've enjoyed our article and found it informative.

Please keep us, Double D Tyres, in mind for your truck, van or ute tyre replacements or services.

Contact Double-D Tyreright for any of your tyre needs.

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