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24 Hour Emergency  Mobile Vehicle & Truck Tyre Repair Service Melbourne

24-hour emergency tyre repair service in Melbourne - to keep you on the road when it counts most.

Mobile Tyre Repair Service Melbourne

Our committed team specializes in rapid 24-hour emergency vehicle and truck tyre repair services, covering extensive locations throughout the greater Melbourne region and beyond. We cater to vehicles of all dimensions, ranging from compact cars and Utes to the most massive trucks with fleet truck management services available. Our expertise ensures the best tyre repair solutions whenever you need them.

Emergency roadside service member replacing truck tyres

Emergency Roadside Truck Tyre Assistance Service

Facing a truck tyre emergency on the roadside is never ideal, but the prompt and efficient assistance provided by Double D Tyres, will leave you thankful, especially in the Melbourne area, whether it's within the inner city or the outer suburbs of Melbourne. Our round-the-clock, year-round mobile truck tyre fitting service ensures that we're there for you, offering options to either repair or replace the tyre. You have the freedom to select a tyre brand of your preference, or if needed, we can suggest the most suitable tyres for your vehicle. In most cases, we can even match the existing brand in the event of a single tyre emergency.

If you or one of your team require emergency roadside assistance and road services nearby for articulated trucksute or van, or even if they're stranded in a driveway in Melbourne with a flat tyre, contact us now and we can come to help you as fast as possible.

We provide 24-hour tyre repair or replace call out for flat tyres every day including Sunday. If you need emergency breakdown roadside assistance for a spare tyre replacement or emergency tyre repair, call us today.

Mobile Tyre Repair Service

24-Hour Tyre Service Melbourne

Do you need emergency roadside assistance for your tyres?


Semi-Trailer Tyres


Delivery Truck Tyres


Utes & Van Tyres



Fleet Management Service
Fleet of trucks
Fleet Management Service in Melbourne from Double D Tyres


Finding the right fleet management service in Melbourne that will keep your vehicles performing well is easy. Just contact us at Double D Tyres. We have the experience, well trained staff, proven systems and the right product lines to keep your trucks, vans and utes on the road as much as possible.


Do you have 24-hour out of hours mobile tyre repairs near me?

If you live in the Melbourne area and need your vehicles tyres changed, truck tyre or car tyre out of hours then our mobile technicians are available for emergency repairs 24 hours a day. We come to where ever it is that has access or ownership of one vehicle!

Can I pay by credit card for a mobile tyre repair?

Yes, you can pay by credit card for our mobile tyre repair. You will need to provide your credit card information once the tyre repair or replacement has been completed.

Do I have to be in monthly plan for a mobile tyre repair services?

No, you don't have to be in a monthly plan to use our mobile tyre repair services. You can pay as you go, and we'll come to you when you need us. We're always here to help keep you on the road.

Are mobile tyre repairs permanent? 

It is important that you take your car to tyre fitters as soon possible after getting puncture wounds. The repairing of the tyre with an auto repair kit will only be temporary, and it needs checking every few months so they can see if there's any damage inside the tyre. 

Do you repair tyres in North Melbourne?

Yes, we do tyre repairs and tyre replacement in North Melbourne and all the surrounding areas should you need our services we have 24-hour cover and can come straight to your door.

Do they check tyres on a service ?

Although they will not take tyres off a car usually with a service, they will give them a good look over to see if there are potential problems with them.

What is the most common truck tyre size?

With the growing popularity of trucks, manufacturers have responded to drivers' needs with a range of tire sizes tailored for different vehicles. In recent years, some top-selling truck tyres include 295/75R22.5 – offering plenty of power and grip on any terrain; 275/70R22.5 – an all-purpose option well suited for off road adventures; and 225/70R19– perfect when maintaining control is paramount in difficult conditions.

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