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Keep all your fleet vehicles on the road

Fleet Tyre Management Services

Finding the right fleet truck tyre management service in Melbourne that will keep your vehicles performing well is easy. Just contact us at Double D Tyres located in Campbellfield and West Melbourne. We have the experience, well-trained staff, proven systems and the right product lines to keep your trucks, vans and utes on the road as much as possible.

Fleet truck tyre being fitted

Whether it is a regular fleet car service you require, or if you just want to pop in for occasional assistance, we can help you quickly. Along with our service centre, we can also come to visit commercial fleet management clients at their warehouse, depot or other location.

Fleet Tyre Management Melbourne

With ten years’ experience managing business vehicles of all shapes and sizes, you can trust us to have the right advice to meet your needs. We stock almost every brand of leading tyre, you have heard of, including the popular 11R22.5 truck tyre, and can help you choose the best one for your fleet of vehicles.

We understand that any time off the road for a delivery or transport vehicle is expensive for most business owners. So not only do we help with scheduling appointments to suit your driving needs, we also work efficiently to get your trucks or vans in and out as fast as we can.

Reasons To Choose Double D Fleet Tyre Management

Buying quality often saves money in the long term for our clients. Being aware of this, we recommend better tyres, but we also never over service, which eliminates unnecessary cost for you.

We are trusted commercial tyre suppliers for businesses ranging from a few vans up to nationwide haulage companies

Commercial Vehicle Fleet

Why is truck fleet tyre management important?

Truck fleet tyre management is important for several reasons. Proper management ensures the safety of drivers and other road users, reduces the risk of accidents, and minimizes vehicle downtime. Effective management also helps optimize fuel efficiency, extends the lifespan of tyres, and reduces overall operational costs.

What maintenance practices are important for truck fleet tyres?

Regular maintenance practices for truck fleet tyres include proper inflation pressure management, regular tyre rotations, wheel alignment checks, and balancing. It is also essential to keep tyres clean, remove stones or debris lodged in the tread, and ensure proper storage conditions when not in use.

What are the key components of fleet tyre management?

The key components of fleet tyre management include regular tyre inspections, proper inflation and rotation, timely replacements, alignment checks, maintaining tyre records, and implementing preventive maintenance programs.

How can fleet managers reduce tyre-related costs

Fleet managers can reduce tyre-related costs by implementing preventive maintenance strategies, using fuel-efficient and durable tyres, maintaining proper tyre inflation, performing regular inspections, and ensuring timely replacements when needed.

How does tyre inflation impact fleet management?

Incorrect tyre inflation leads to uneven wear, decreased fuel efficiency, and increased risk of blowouts. Maintaining proper tyre pressure is crucial.

What role does tyre rotation play in fleet management?

Tyre rotation promotes even tyre wear, extends tyre life, and ensures consistent performance across all tyres in a fleet.

Do you need professional fleet tyre management?

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