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Van & Ute Tyres

Get the right tyre for the right job. From small UTE's to large vans

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If you are running a fleet of utes or vans, then choosing the right commercial tyre supplier can help save money while keeping you and your staff safer on the road. From small UTE to large vans, for the best tyres at the right price, Double D Tyres should be where you go to buy van tyres or ute tyres in Melbourne. Or we can even come to you.

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Van & Ute Tyres Melbourne

Whether you are in charge of buying tyres for delivery vehicles, a fleet of tradesmen’s utes or vans, or any other commercial fleet vehicles around the Melbourne area, then we can help you. We stock all the leading brands when it comes to ute and van tyres, including Bridgestone, Michelin, Dunlop, Goodyear tyres and many more.


Depending on the type of vehicles you own, and the way they are driven, our highly trained staff can recommend the best tyres to suit your needs whether it is Ute Tyres, Van Tyres, Small Utility Vehicle Tyres. Along with matching the tyre to your wheels, cost considerations in the short and long term (projected price per kilometre) is considered.

Benefits of choosing the right Ute Tyres, Van Tyres, Small Utility Vehicle Tyres


  • lower cost per kilometre

  • longer tread life and more even wear

  • more traction

  • faster braking

  • easier handling

  • improved vehicle stability and driver comfort

  • better fuel economy

We understand that you need to keep the wheels of your transport or delivery vehicles turning to keep profit margins up. So we provide an efficient service. You don’t even have to book! Just bring your vehicles in when it suits you and we will get them back on the road with fresh tyres as fast as possible.


To get the best service and widest range of Ute Tyres, Van Tyres, Small Utility Vehicle Tyres Melbourne has to offer, come and visit our service locations at Double D Tyres today. You can book or drop into one of our service centres in Campbellfield or West Melbourne.


For a mobile service simply call us to discuss your needs. We will provide you with the services you need to get your truck on the road again. Rest assured, you won’t be disappointed.

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Need help choosing the right tyre for your ute or van?
Give our friendly team a call.


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Finding the right fleet management service in Melbourne that will keep your vehicles performing well is easy. Just contact us at Double D Tyres. We have the experience, well trained staff, proven systems and the right product lines to keep your trucks, vans and utes on the road as much as possible.

What is the difference between Ute tyres and car tyres

The main difference between Ute tyres and car tyres is the size. Ute tyres are generally larger than car tyres and have a different shape and tread design, which gives them better grip on rough surfaces such as gravel or mud. Ute tyres also tend to be more durable than car tyres, meaning they last longer under extreme driving conditions. Additionally, they tend to be more expensive than car tyres, due to their larger size and specialized design.

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