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We stock all of the leading brand semi trailer truck tyres in Melbourne and pass on the savings from our big buying power to our customers.

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For the best range of semi trailer truck tyres Melbourne has to offer, you can’t beat Double D Tyres. We stock all of the leading brand semi truck tyres and have the buying power to pass the saving on to our clients.

Semi-trailer truck tyre replacement

Semi-Trailer Truck Tyres Services

With a complete range of leading brand semi-trailer tyres, our staff are solely focused on the commercial tyre market and can offer superior advice when it comes to choosing the right tyre for your truck, fleet or articulated vehicles.


After working with you to select the best tyres, we can then fit them professionally either at our Service Centres in Campbellfield or in West Melbourne. We also offer the time saving option of fitting the tyres you choose at your warehouse or depot.


Some of the brands we have close ties with include Michelin, Yokohama, Bridgestone and Toyo truck tyres. But we believe we help our clients most by helping them pick the right tyres to suit their vehicles and the driving demands it will be under.


Highway tyres come in different styles, sizes and grades. When operating a delivery or transport service, choosing the right tyre to maximise comfort and handling, while achieving the lowest cost per kilometre over the long term is the outcome that everyone should be aiming at.

Features to consider when buying Semi-trailer truck tyres

  • low cost per kilometre

  • increased tread life and more even wear

  • traction and braking control

  • handling of your highway tyres

  • stability and ride comfort

  • increased fuel economy

The right semi-trailer truck tyre will provide added safety and comfort for your drivers, and improve road performance with more stability and greater handling, which can result and increase in average kilometres travelled per hour. Of course, having the ideal tyre fitted correctly to your wheels will also result in the lowest tyre costs in the long term.


If you are looking to buy semi-trailer tyres as an owner-driver, small business or any sized national company, we believe we have the quality tyre range and experienced staff to help save you money and improve the driving performance of your trucks.


So drop in and visit us, or give us a call for more information on Semi-Trailer Truck Tyres, Semi-Trailer Tyre Services today.

Semi-trailer truck tyres

Need help choosing the right tyre for your semi-trailer truck?

Give our friendly team a call.


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Finding the right fleet management service in Melbourne that will keep your vehicles performing well is easy. Just contact us at Double D Tyres. We have the experience, well trained staff, proven systems and the right product lines to keep your trucks, vans and utes on the road as much as possible.

Will car tyres work on trailers?

This may be a surprising fact, but it's important to know that the size of your trailer’s tyres aren't critical. Unlike cars and trucks where you need precise measurements for alignment purposes or safety reasons if changing sizes can cause problems with handling on roadways due in part from excess weight transfer when turning corners at high speeds - this isn't an issue while driving slow moving cargo such as horse trailers!

What size tyres do semi trucks mainly use?

Semi Trucks aren't your normal everyday truck, they're huge. In order for them to power the oversized load, larger size tyres are needed. So, what size tyres do semi trucks rely on? They mainly use 11R22.5 tyres, their massive reputation only matches the size of their wheels

What is a Semi Truck?

A Semi Truck is a heavy hauler, capable of moving things across long distances. Noted by its distinctive design, front trailer hitch and tall cab with two beds, it's larger than its residential counterpart, the light truck. The semi is generally used in the transport of commercial goods and services due to their large storage compartment and weight capacity. Some may even be equipped with additional sleeping compartments to make cross country trips more manageable for the driver.

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