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Getting The Most Out Of Your Truck Or Van Tyres Through Proper Maintenance

Updated: Mar 12, 2021

It might seem like van and truck tyres are made to last, but do eventually wear out over time. However, this doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be expecting anything excellent but from of them, especially if you stick to our van and truck tyre maintenance recommendations.

Doing regular, proper maintenance can increase the longevity of your tyres. Follow our four tips for tyre maintenance:

1. Make visual inspections as a habit

Making visual inspects as part of your tyre maintenance is a good habit to form, so start performing thorough visual inspections of your truck or van’s tyres before you make any trip. It paves the way for a good mindset for maintenance, and can easily be done while you’re attending to other considerations, such as checking for tyre pressure.

2. Check for proper pressure

What should you look out for during this look-over? You should be checking that your tread depth is adequate, and pay attention to any bulges, abrasions or cracks. Be sure also to check for any sharp objects lodged within the treads – these may cause damage during your drive.

Under or over-inflated tyres could cause you issues of wear that will quickly result in unwanted effects to your handling, fuel economy, braking, and traction. We recommend checking your pressure at least once a month.

Whenever you perform tyre maintenance checks, make sure that your tyres are cold – warm tyres have increased pressure, so they won’t give you an accurate reading.

3. Check for Alignment and Balance

You can’t get the best lifespan possible out of your truck tyres without paying mind to whether or not they’re aligned and balanced. Having these checks ticked off your maintenance list ensures that your tyres don’t go through irregular wear, which wears down your tyres more quickly, and causes needless costs to fuel and maintenance.

As for checking the balance of your tyres, this ensures your vehicle doesn’t wobble or vibrate as you drive – while it may sound like a minor issue, imbalanced tyres can reduce the overall tyre lifespan, and cause problems for your truck or van’s suspension.

4. Repair Whenever Possible

If you find an issue with a tyre during one of your now routine tyre maintenance checks, get in contact with a tyre specialist like us. Your tyres may only need repairing, not replacing. However, a tyre expert will be able to give you advice.

So, if you notice an issue, replace your tyre with a spare and pop over to see us.


If you’re ever looking for a dependable van, ute or light truck tyre retailer, a responsive breakdown service, or fleet tyre management, contact us via our website, or drop by our service centres at West Melbourne or Campbellfield and we’ll always be more than glad to help.

Call us on 1300 338 973 or contact us via our website.

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