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Why do truck tyres explode?

Updated: Jul 10, 2023

A truck tyre explosion can be one of the most dangerous experiences you can have on the road. To have a several tonne vehicle lose all of its stability in a matter of seconds can be terrifying. Understanding exactly what causes these explosions can help you to avoid them happening in the future, so here are just a few of the reasons why your tyre might explode, and what you can do to avoid having serious problems on the road.

Low tyre pressure

According to road safety administrations across the world, under-inflated tyres play a major role in a large proportion of truck tyre explosions. When the pressure gets too low, the sidewalls of your tyres flex more, and heat builds up. If the overheating becomes severe, a section of the tyre's rubber can separate from its carcass, causing a blowout. However, this issue can be avoided by checking tyre pressure regularly and before you set off on a long journey.

Overloaded trucks

Tyres can carry a lot of pressure, but there becomes a point where the weight your truck is trying to carry becomes too much for your tyres. While tyre maintenance can take you a long way, there is a certain point where even brand new tyres that have been installed just moments ago won't be able to handle overwhelming forces.

If you have any suspicions at all that the amount of pressure you're putting on your tyres is too much for them to handle, try and remove some of the weight immediately. Even when the truck is in motion, your tyres could be at risk of exploding, which could do serious damage to anyone in or around your vehicle. Maintaining sensible loads can keep the roads and your colleagues safe around your vehicle.

Damage from debris

Debris can very easily get scattered across modern roads. It could be bodywork from another crash that has recently happened in the area, something sharp that might have fallen out of an engine block of a car ahead that urgently needs repairs, or something as basic as a screw. All of these objects lying in the road could be the last nail in your tyre's coffin.

Truck Tyre Exploded from debris

Once punctured, your tyre will lose its all-important integrity. Without this structure, the rotational force from driving can shred your tyre in an instant. Where possible, make sure that you avoid any debris on the road and keep your tyres in as good condition as possible. You can't stop all damage, but you can try and mitigate an extremely dangerous situation.

Some other causes to be aware of include high temperatures and excessive speeds, but by following the advice above, you will feel as safe and secure as possible from punctures on the road. Making sure your tyres are well looked after could be lifesaving, so be sure to carry out thorough checks as often as you can.

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