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Checklist for each long-haul truck trip

Updated: Jul 10, 2023

Long-hall trips can put a lot of pressure on you and your truck. It's a good idea to have a checklist to ensure that you and your truck are off to the best start before you set out on the roads, and during your trip.

Look after yourself


Perhaps the most important thing you can do for yourself in the lead up to a long-haul truck trip is to get enough sleep. Sleep is vital for your overall health, plus you'll find it easier to keep your focus. Your reaction times also depends on how well-rested you are, so it just may help you avoid any unwanted danger on the roads.

Eat and hydrate

Eating and hydrating are important for both the lead-up and duration of a long trip. A proper diet helps maintain your health, which is imperative to keeping your brain stimulated and focused.

Take regular breaks

Breaks are important for your body and your mind. A short break to get out and stretch your legs can really help you maintain your focus while driving. The break is also beneficial for your health, so you aren't in a sedentary position for too long.

Know when to call it a day

If you start to become tired, it's best for you to pull over when safe or at the next available location that has somewhere you can stay for the night or a few hours of sleep.

Look after your truck

Get your truck serviced if due

You probably know your truck like the back of your hand, so you'll often know when something is amiss and it's time for a service. However, don't become complacent and miss important servicing. A service will help keep your truck in tip-top shape so you can have a safe and uneventful (in the best way) trip.

Check your tyres

Tyres are so important to your truck's handling and safety, but they are often an afterthought. We can't emphasise enough how you should get in the routine of regularly inspecting your tyres for signs of damage and wear.

There's no point in having a fully serviced truck without healthy tyres. Tyres connect your vehicle to the road, and if they're in poor condition, you are facing decreased fuel efficiency, lower vehicle response times and much more. It's essential for your safety and those you share the roads with that you have fully functional and roadworthy tyres.


If you're unsure if your tyres are up to scratch or if they may need replacing, then please contact us for help today.

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