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What I have to do to put wider tyres on my truck?

Updated: Jul 10, 2023

If we said that one of the most important safety features on any truck are the tyres, wouldn’t you agree? An easy modification you can make to your truck is swapping the tyres and wheels. There are a few key things you should know before you make the change to a wider tyre.

Did you know that the tyres you use on your truck affects your truck’s performance? Adding wider tyres does more than just change the aesthetics of your truck. Fitting wider tires onto your truck may mean you need to lift the truck. The two basic levels of lifting are a full suspension lift and a levelling kit. The latter being the more popular option as it is the most economical way to get clearance for bigger tires.


A lighter truck or a full-size SUV has what’s known as a “stance” or “factory rake.” This is found when the front of the vehicle is lower than the rear. This function works for when you’re loading heavier things in the rear making the vehicle squat down, keeping it level. This is where a levelling kit comes in handy. It adds a spacer on the top of the front strut or spring. After altering the newly levelled stance, you can normally increase the tire width by 1.0" – 2.0". It’s a good idea to check the levelling kit manufacturer for a recommended tire width and necessary wheel width and offset for proper fitting.

Load capacity

Always check the load holding capacity of the new wider tyre. The load-bearing capacity of the new tyre should be higher or equal to the stock of the set of tyres, as adding any excess weight to your vehicle could cause the tyre to burst. Equally, checking the speed rating of the replacement tyre and making sure it’s also equal to or higher than the original set. If it’s lower you could restrain yourself as you drive the truck.

Loading truck with wide tyres

Lift kits

Most trucks will allow you to switch to wider tyres without needing a lift. Generally, a truck will take 33-inch tyres without a necessary lift kit. Some modifications may be necessary such as adjusting the torsion keys, cutting fenders and using wheel spacers. A wider tyre can help a truck handle off-road terrain and they will grip better on dirt and gravel as well as aiding on-pavement braking. There’s just more rubber contact with the ground so will also improve stability.

As a general rule, it is safe to change your tyres to 20 millimetres wider than the stock found on the original tyre. It’s advisable to invest in a proven tyre and wheel combo that is specifically designed for your vehicle. At Doubled Tyres, we offer a range of tyres all available in multiple sizes. We stock all the leading brand truck tyres and use our big buying power to pass on the savings to our customers. Simply contact us for full details and enquiries.

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