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Improve Your Petrol Consumption, and Get More Kilometres out of Every Tank

Updated: Nov 29, 2019

When it comes to driving, there’s always one thing you can rely on: overtime, fuel prices will invariably continue to rise.

To help you combat the rising costs of petrol, we’ve put together some helpful tips on how you can improve your fuel consumption. Read this article to find actionable tips to help your fuel efficiency.

Track your mileage

To start with, tracking your mileage can be really helpful. Check out your odometer’s current reading and make a note (if you have a newer car, this may already be a built-in feature).

Tracking your mileage can show you how many kilometres you’re getting in between each trip to the petrol station -- this can help you identify if you need to improve your fuel consumption.

Be mindful of how you’re driving

By bringing focus to how you drive, you may be able to identify some behaviours and habits that are draining your fuel. Avoid sharp acceleration and sudden stops as they both can contribute to how much petrol your car is guzzling.

Instead, try to adopt smoother driving habits. Once you’ve adjusted your driving behaviours, you may see a link to better fuel efficiency.

Remove unneeded weight

If you have mounted roof racks, as yourself this question: do I really need them?

If you’ve answered “no”, then consider removing them. Unnecessary roof racks contribute to the weight of your vehicle, and more weight means more fuel consumption. They also produce more wind resistance which to adds to increased fuel consumption.

Along with roof racks, discard any unneeded junk from your car that’s just weighing it down.

Check Your Tyre Pressure

Make checking your tyre pressure regularly a habit. Not only is tyre pressure needed for added safety, handling and comfort of your vehicle, but it can help your fuel economy too.

Check your vehicle’s manual for correct tyre pressure numbers -- they’re not just a suggestion but something that will help your safety and fuel efficiency.

We hope our tips have been helpful to you and your wallet! If you have any tyre queries or needs, please get in touch with us at Double D Tyreright to find a solution today.

Ros Erickson

SBA Transport Pty Ltd

SBA Transport have been using Double D Truck Tyres as our sole tyre provider for in excess of seven years. During this time we have found the service they provide is second to none and the tyres are always of good quality and at a competitive price.

Nigel Schofield


Adtrans Truck Centre has been using the Boys at Double D Tyreright on Footscray for the last 4 years.  The tyres are well priced and the service calls are very prompt. We will continue to use them in the future.

Bill Logan

QUBE Logistics | Victoria

Qube Logistics (Vic) have had a long and ongoing  business relationship with DD tyres. We have always found them to be extremely professional and responsive in their service output and cost conscious in relation to their product range in all areas of tyres and wheels associated with our extensive heavy vehicle fleet. 


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