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A junk-filled vehicle is a one-way trip to fuel inefficiency

Updated: May 16, 2023

At DoubleD Tyreright our focus is on helping our customers get the best safety and value from their tyres.

But, with the price of petrol trending up again, most drivers shouldn’t have to be told to minimise their fuel consumption wherever possible. So the following fuel efficiency tips aim to help you get the most out of each tank without needless spending at the servo.

Our fuel efficiency tips

Ever consider how the weight of your vehicle impacts its fuel efficiency? Unfortunately, most drivers don’t always bother cleaning out their vehicle – and unknowingly haul all their needless garbage along as they pedal through every last drop of their fuel tanks.

By now, you should feel a tad more motivated to clean out any junk you could still be carrying in your vehicle. This habit of keeping junk in the vehicle could come from the perspective of ‘out of sight, out of mind’ – as there may not always be a pressing need for drivers to keep the spaces in their vehicle free of ‘stuff’ or garbage. Unless you’re actively driving to transport your items, it’s good practice to keep your boot empty to maximise fuel efficiency.

Removing accessories like roof racks, or storage boxes would also help reduce the weight of your vehicle, and potentially create less wind resistance while you’re moving. Having to mount and dismount roof racks every time could feel like a hassle – but remember that it does work out towards providing a cost-saving benefit by increasing your fuel efficiency.

Removing extra seating is not an option available to every vehicle – but if it applies to a 4WD or similarly bigger vehicle that you’re driving, then that’s a significant load reduction that can go towards fuel efficiency. As an added bonus, doing this could also create more storage space for when you need to transport any items.

Add-ons and accessories aside, clean the junk out of your vehicle. And not just when it comes to rubbish. Keeping minimal storage in your vehicle also helps to maximise your fuel efficiency.

If you’re in charge of a delivery fleet and are interested in more cost savings beyond just your vehicle tyres, unnecessary items in your cars, utes or vans do also add up in terms of weight.

And, of course, when your focus is on better value from your truck, ute or van tyres, then give DoubleD Tyreright a call - 1300 119 246.

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