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Hitting the Road: Why you should get your car serviced and your tyres checked before a long trip

Updated: Nov 9, 2022

Check your tyres before your road trip | DD Tyres
The last place you want to encounter car or tyre troubles is when you're in the middle of nowhere. A car service and tyre check can help avoid this happening.

Are you planning a road trip with friends or family, or maybe your road trip throughout the countryside is for business? Whatever your reason for wanting to hit the road, when planning a road trip for any long distance it's important that you make sure your car and tyres are going to get you there.

Preparation is key

A long drive doesn't usually happen on a whim. There's normally significant planning involved, and you should have some time to do the preparation that you need. Part of this planning should be making sure that you get your car a look over by a professional, but don't forget to get your tyres inspected by a professional too.

Road trips are a great way to enjoy a holiday, short or long. But, you don't want to encounter any car troubles along the way that may not only be costly, but avoidable if your car and tyres were checked before you left.

It doesn't matter whether your car is new or if it's been around for a few years and many thousands of kilometres, you need to get your engine and tyres checked. Here are a few things that we would recommend that you look at getting checked before you hit the open road.

Check engine oil

You should get your engine oil checked. It's important that your oil levels are correct, your filters are clean, and everything is working correctly before you hit the road. A cracked head gasket caused by overheating can be one of the most expensive repairs for any vehicle.

Check your radiator, transmission fluid and more

You should check your radiator, transmission fluid and other car lubricants before hitting the road. Your car's owner's manual will have information on what kind of timing intervals these things need changing.

Check your tyre tread

Given your four tyres, that small little bit of tread is all that really keeps you safe on the road, getting your tyres checked before you go is essential.

You should:

  • Check your tyre pressure is correct for your driving conditions

  • Ensure that they have adequate tread levels.

  • Consider a wheel alignment.

If there are other issues, you should look at getting your tyres replaced.

Check your tyre pressure

Tyre pressure is important. You don't want an over or under-inflated tyre before embarking on your trip. Also inspect your tyres for cracks, punctures and uneven tread.


We can help you get your tyres checked and replaced if need be. We can also make recommendations if you need someone to look over the rest of your car. Please get in touch today if you have any questions.

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