How do I dispose of truck tyres?

Updated: Aug 19, 2021

Pretty much everyone uses or comes in contact with tyres every day. Whether it’s on your own car, or the truck your drive or the bus you take to work, tyres are an everyday part of our lives. For this reason, you should only be changing your tyres when necessary, not only to save yourself the expense but to help with waste.

Tyres are up there with being one of the most difficult items to recycle. The unique mix of textile, rubber and steel means that traces of oil and chemicals are often present. In many places, tyres are no longer accepted by landfill sites purely for safety reasons. This difficulty of simply throwing them away means that lots of tyres are disposed of or dumped illegally.

If they happen to catch fire, the toxic fumes can cause chemical pneumonia if big quantities are inhaled. The toxic chemicals not only pose a threat to humans, but they can become a greater threat to the environment. Because we associated tyres with naturally made rubbers and plastics, we can often forget their impact on polluting the oceans. They contribute to the many microplastic that are now commonly found in the oceans. Finding a better way to dispose of or recycle them is now necessary.

Truck tyre disposal

Tyre Recycling

As they’re so difficult to break down, the best way to recycle them is to give them a new home when they are no longer fit for your vehicle. Keeping them as they are and using them for a tyre swing, or using them for athletes training equipment; as well as alternative things, such as using them for raised garden planters and boat buffers is the best way to give them an elongated new lease of life.

If you can’t find a way to use them yourself, giving them to someone who can better use them is the best option. Give them to your local zoo, playpark or sports club. In zoos, they can enrich the environment of elephants and big cats. In the military and at sports facilities they are often used for training purposes.

A lot of tyre fitting and car servicing companies have the ability to take away your old tyres when they are fitting your truck with new ones. This will often come with a charge but will likely be worth it as you don’t have to think about what to do with your old tyres. Equally, taking them to your local recycling centre is sometimes possible; but due to increased tyre waste and the difficulty that arises from recycling them, they often only accept limited quantities and dropping them off can also incur a fee.

More often than not, recycled tyres are simply shredded and used for something else, this flaked rubber can be used for sports surfaces and safety mats found in children’s play areas. The crumb can also be used for rubberised asphalt for carpet underlay and running tracks.

The best thing to do with your old truck tyres is to find somewhere that can use them as they are!

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