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Why you should think about your tyres

Why you should think about your tyres | Double D Tyres
A bit of thought may help your tyres last longer.

Do you give your tyres much thought?

If you’re like most people, you probably only think of your tyres when there is an obvious problem, such as a puncture or flat.

What if we told you that occasionally having a look at your tyres can help catch small issues before they become large and potentially dangerous problems.

We’ve covered how to maintain your tyres in a previous article, so we’re not going to go into that now - this article is to stress why you should often think about your tyres and how it may benefit you.

1.Your safety

Arguably, safety is the most important reason to think about your tyres. Your tyres are an essential part of your vehicle, but you may be more likely to notice a scratch on your car door than the deteriorating condition of your tyres.

We understand seeing a scratch is awful, but it doesn’t impact the safety and ability of your vehicle - tyres do.

Getting acquainted with your tyres is the best way to be able to spot when something is wrong, even in the early stages.

2. Your pocket

Tyres that are looked at often are usually tyres that are maintained well. A well-maintained tyre will increase the longevity of your tyres so you don’t have to prematurely go through the expense of replacing them.

3. Fuel efficiency

Fuel efficiency also impacts your pocket, but it’s an important factor deserving of its own attention.

Tyres that are worn, damaged, or lacking air pressure aren’t going to run as well as healthy tyres. Damaged tyres will create extra resistance and pressure on your vehicle, resulting in extra fuel being guzzled.

4. Your time

Being stuck on the side of the road due to damaged tyres is the last thing you want when on the way home after a busy day. Instead of relaxing at home, you’re finding someone who can come help replace your tyres, and then waiting for them to arrive.

Knowing your tyres well may help you avoid such a situation by getting your tyre seen to before it becomes a problem.

However, if you do find yourself needing help, we offer 24/7 mobile tyre repairs. Contact us on 1300 338 973 for help.


We hope after reading this article you understand why you should think about your tyres more often. If you’d like a professional, like us, to inspect your tyres or to replace them, please don’t hesitate to contact us! Our helpful team members are ready for your call.

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