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Tips for fuel conservation

Updated: Oct 4, 2022

Tips for conserving fuel | DD Tyres

Petrol and diesel are arguably the most expensive part of the day to day running of any vehicle. Even though each time you fill your tank is less than a service or repair, over time the costs build up.

We’ve put together our top tips on fuel conservation to help keep you from burning a hole in your pocket.

Get rid of any unnecessary weight in your car

Don’t toss your spare tyre by any means, but think of ways you can remove unnecessary weight from your vehicle. Items like shoes, clothes, rubbish, tools you don’t need etc. add extra weight to your vehicle. Extra weight equals burning through fuel quicker. Help your fuel conservation with this easy step that is completely in your control.

Stay on top of your maintenance

The better your vehicle runs, the less fuel it’ll burn through. An essential part of keeping your vehicle running well is regular maintenance. There are things you can do yourself, such as replacing fluids but make sure you do bring your vehicle to see a mechanic when necessary. If unsure when you should see your mechanic next, check your sticker on the top right of the inside of your windshield. If you encounter any issues prior to when the sticker states, be sure to get your vehicle checked out ASAP.

Drive sensibly

Driving sensibly means:

  • Don’t speed

  • Slow down if you can

  • Allow plenty of time for braking

  • Don’t accelerate too quickly

If you do all the above, you will conserve more fuel.

Use aircon only when needed

If having your windows open will suffice, then we suggest doing so. The use of your airconditioner contributes to the consumption of fuel.

We do, however, understand that we live in a hot climate during summer, so it’s not always possible to avoid using the aircon. So, we definitely advocate for using your aircon when it is needed.

Keep your tyres in ship shape!

Old, damaged tyres do not perform well, therefore burn through fuel. Not to mention how unsafe they are (but that’s a different topic!).

If you perform regular tyre maintenance, you will considerably improve your fuel conservation.

Also, be sure to bring your tyres in for servicing.

If you’re in need of tyre servicing or new tyres, please contact us today!

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