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How do I make my tyres last longer?

Updated: Oct 4, 2022

When looked after, most tyres can last up to 10 years. However, it’s important to note that many factors can cause premature wear of your tyres so annual checks are important for your safety - especially for tyres five years and older.

Get to know your tyres

We suggest that you create a habit of regularly checking your tyres for signs of wear or damage - the sooner you spot something amiss, generally the easier it is to fix (if it can be fixed).

Also, the more familiar you are with your tyres, the more likely you are to notice something.

Regular maintenance

Just like how a car needs servicing, so do your tyres. A car that never gets serviced isn’t likely to run for as long as it could, right? Everyone knows this, but the servicing of tyres is lesser-known. Tyres tether your car to the ground and literally keep it moving, so it makes sense to ensure that they are in healthy condition for efficiency and safety.

So, remember to:

  • Check your tyre pressure: best done monthly to ensure your tyre pressure isn’t low. Driving on low pressure can cause a lot of damage to your wheels, shortening their lifespan, plus guzzling much more fuel than your car should. Check your vehicle manufacturer recommendations to know what’s the require air pressure.

  • Check tyre alignment: if this is out of your wheelhouse, it’s best to bring your vehicle in to see us so we can check the alignment. Tyre misalignment leads directly to consuming the lifespan of your tyres, plus it creates uneven wear, pulling to one side while driving and more

  • Check tyre rotation: tyres need rotating at least once every 10,000kms, sometimes earlier due to how you drive. Not rotating your tyres leads to similar problems mentioned above in tyre alignment.

Pay attention to how you drive

Your driving habits play a direct role in the longevity of your tyres. If you regularly hit your tyres off the side of the curb, for instance, you are significantly shortening your tyres’ lifespan. Hitting curb causes damage which compounds over time, often leading to fractures in the tyre.

And take it easy over speedbumps!

Be aware of the road conditions

Bumpy roads and potholes damage tyres. So, if you can, avoid damaged roads. Being aware of the roads while driving will help you avoid unexpectedly damaging your tyre in a pothole.

Bring this awareness to where you park too. If your workplace or home is likely to have nails or other potentially damaging debris, then ensure you check your tyres as often as you can.

Get rid of any excess weight

Carting around junk or unnecessary items n your car is a way to contribute to tyre wear. Cull what you can to save your tyres and fuel economy.


By following our tips above, you can prolong the life of your tyres, be safer on the roads and help your fuel efficiency. As tyres age, there will, of course, be regular wear and tear which unfortunately is unavoidable, that’s why it’s still important to get to your tyres serviced, and in between services, to maintain them on a regular basis.

If you’d like a professional to check or service your tyres, then please contact us. Alternatively, you can come to see us at one of our two Melbourne locations.

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