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Get Your Fleet Ready for a Busy Business Season

Updated: Jun 7, 2022

As fleet tyre management experts, we know that every year comes with its busiest periods – and there’s hardly an exception to this rule when it comes to being in Melbourne during the end of the year and end of financial year periods. With everyone trying to get as much done as they can before the Christmas holidays arrive or before the financial year ends, plenty of business owners and contractors understandably feel the crunch, especially when it comes to calling on customers, managing their supply chain and making necessary deliveries.

Fleet tyre management | Fleet tyre services
Avoid unnecessary downtime in the busy periods by preparing your fleet.

Having your fleet ready before these busy periods contributes to keeping your services running smoothly. Maintaining profit margins is arguably what’s on the minds of anyone working during such a busy period – and you’ll likely need to stick to a few guiding practices if you’re a business owner who needs to keep your fleet of vehicles ready and effective during such a crucial time.

To start with a fleet-wide solution, it’s probably the best time for you to consider refreshing your fleet tyre supply, so you don’t leave the year’s toughest driving to poorly worn tyres. Save the time and cost by booking an onsite inspection sooner than later. We offer fleet tyre services and fleet tyre management, so contact us on1300 338 973 if you would like help.

Get Your Fleet Tyres Serviced

Consider your options in Melbourne – if there’s more you could ask for out of the current level of service you’re getting, then it’s best not to wait too long before it’s too late to find a solution. Consider if you’ve got emergency help available, and whether or not you’ve got the brands you want for your tyres, at the most competitive price available. There’s no need for added stress when you’re operating a business during an already stress-laden season – being prepared in advance means you’ll hit the New Year with an already well-kept fleet. In between professional servicing, you can help prolong the life of your tyres with some maintenance.

Basic Car and Truck Servicing

The stop-start nature of driving in Melbourne often leads to engines overheating. Check the water in your radiators, as well as your oil levels to prevent overheating of engines during crucial delivery periods.

Summer Heat

An Australian summer brings with it long, hot days. Save your team the discomfort of rushing around town in the heat, by sorting out your fleet's air conditioning with timely servicing.

Winter Condition

End of Financial Year falls in a time that is particularly cold and rainy in Melbourne. Having your fleet's tyres serviced can ensure they are up to task on the slippery roads.

The Right Set of Tyres

Ensuring you have the right set of tyres for your vehicles needs helps your vehicles while on the roads. You may need to consider if summer tyres, winter tyres or all-season tyres are the best fit for your purposes and the climate that you are in.


Here at Double-D Tyres, our operations feature a proud emphasis on the maintenance of ute, van and truck tyres. Whether you’re after new tyres, re-treads, maintenance, or roadside assistance and other information, we offer a comprehensive suite of professional fleet tyre services that include tyre management for delivery vehicles, sales car fleets, utes, and much more. Take a proactive step towards keeping your business running smoothly and well past the busy periods by getting in touch with us today.

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