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Top Tips for Saving Costs with Car and Truck Maintenance

Updated: Jul 10, 2023

Cars and trucks are not cheap but, if the cost of car and truck maintenance has got you down, there are some great ways that you can save money while still keeping your car safe on the road. Here are some of the best money-saving tips for your car maintenance that we can recommend.

(Please note that we only really recommend that you follow these tips if you are a “handy”person as you want to make sure that you are doing these things correctly. If you are unsure or don't feel capable of completing your own car or truck maintenance, we highly recommend that you come to see a professional.)

Pick up some supplies and do oil changes at home

An oil change might not be the most comfortable procedure to do in a garage but with a container for the used oil, some new engine oil that's compatible with your vehicle, an oil filter gasket and a new oil filter you can complete this task at home with just a few tools. This type of truck maintenance can save you quite a few dollars and make sure that your vehicle continues to run at its most efficient.

Do your own tyre rotation

You can do your own tyre rotations using your vehicle's jack and a tyre wrench. You can easily rotate your own tyres at home in the garage or in a parking lot if there is no flat surface near your house. This can be another maintenance fee that you can save money on by doing yourself. It’s not perfect though as remember that rotating your own tyres won’t keep them balanced (if you want a wheel balance come in and see us.)

We recommend that you still see a professional to ensure that your tyres are in optimal condition for your safety and vehicle handling. Also, remember that the better your tyres are looked after, the longer they should last, saving you money in the long-term.

Want to know more about tyre maintenance? Read our article getting the most of out of your truck and van tyres through proper maintenance.

Work on the way your drive to make sure you don’t overwork your vehicle

It's likely that your car will need far less maintenance if you drive it more sensibly. Checking into the way that you brake, the way you accelerate and cutting out any type of aggressive driving can help you to go a little bit longer between service appointments. It can also mean less need to be replaced and/or repaired each time you need a service.

Also consider removing unnecessary items from your vehicle that could be weighing them down - the more weight, the more fuel you'll burn.

Check to see how easy a repair is before going to a shop

Easy repairs like replacing a fuse, headlight globe, wiper blade or other items on the vehicle might not require a service appointment and you can save labour charges almost every time these problems come up on future vehicles. If you learn how to do minor repairs yourself then you may want to consider doing these yourselves.

If you feel as though you can't properly and safely perform the task, reach out to a professional.

Do not ignore a check engine light

Check engine lights often point to problems that can present themselves later on. Ignoring a check engine light early on could mean that your mechanic does not catch a problem in its early stages and your car might eventually break down as a result of that problem.

Remember, you may not always notice any symptoms when a check engine light comes on. Your car may seem to run normally. Fixing a problem early on can often lead to significant cost savings. If you ignore your check engine light for months your whole engine could potentially need replacement with the damage that's done.


Keep some of these top tips in mind when you are trying to save costs with your car and truck maintenance. The way you drive can have a big effect on tyre wear, so regularly checking the condition of your tyres should be part of a schedule. It is better than having a tyre emergency.

If you'd like to see us for any of your tyre needs, including buying new tyres or receiving tyre maintenance, please contact us on 1300 338 973.

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