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Tips for driving in the heat

Updated: Jul 10

Here in Melbourne, we're no stranger to extreme heat. Each summer, we tend to experience at least a few days that push the mercury above 40 degrees.

tips for driving in the heat
Take extra care when driving in rural conditions. If you breakdown, or your tyre blows out, it could be harder to seek help.

While most of us would prefer to retreat to the air-conditioned indoors or the local pool, the world doesn't stop when it's hot outside! Although we do recommend that you try to avoid driving in extreme heat.

When driving in extreme heat, there are some extra precautionary and safety measures to follow. Please note our following points to help keep you, your passengers, and fellow drivers on the road safe.

Driver and passengers

We recommend that you pack extra water with you to avoid dehydration. Dehydration, especially in hot weather, can be very detrimental to health and focus. Ensure your passengers, particularly children, have adequate water too.

If you can leave your pet somewhere cool and safe for the day, do so. If they have to travel with you, ensure they are cool with regular access to water.

Never leave pets or young children in your vehicle without adult supervision.

Bonus tip: It's also a good idea to wear sunscreen, even if you don't plan on getting out of your vehicle. And, don't forget your hat!

Your vehicle

Whether you drive a small car or large truck, ensuring your vehicle is in tip-top condition before hitting the roads is always a good idea, especially so when it's a scorcher outside. Check your battery, replace your coolant and other fluids (such as transmission fluid, engine oil etc.) and get a service if your vehicle is due or experiencing any issues.

Bonus tip: pack an emergency kit for your vehicle. Include water, non-perishable foods, a blanket, a small battery-powered fan, and whatever else you can think of that would be helpful if you were to find yourself with a broken-down vehicle.

Your tyres

Often overlooked, tyre health is essential to your safety on the roads on any given day. However, extreme temperatures put extra strain on your tyres. Don't forget that your tyres connect your vehicle to the ground, so how they handle the roads is of the utmost importance.

Heat can cause your tyres to expand, which makes the possibility of a blow out ever more likely.

When driving in the heat, we recommend that you safely pull over as often as you can afford to check your tyres. If your tyres are too hot to touch, then that's a sign that they are overheating.

If this is the case, allow your tyres to cool before hitting the road again.

If you believe that your tyres may have overheated and expanded, then check your air pressure as soon as you can.

Always replace or repair worn tyres before driving on them in the heat. A damaged tyre is more prone to blowing out than a healthy tyre, which becomes even truer when in the heat.

If you find yourself in a sticky situation with your tyres, no matter the weather, please contact us for help. We can repair or replace your tyres if needed.

Bonus tip: check out this article to see if your tyres require maintenance.

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