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Retread tyres vs new tyres

Updated: Jul 10, 2023

Running costs on cars, utes and vans continue to rise. So it is understandable that many customers want to know how to save money. In that regard, plenty of our customers enquire about the cost-benefit of retread tyres vs new tyres, or about which brands would last longer.

To help you in case you find yourself in a similar position of enquiry, we've put together some of the more common retread tyres vs new tyres questions we've encountered.

Retread tyres

Simply put, retread tyres are older tyres that are still structurally sound. Retreads have had their worn casings removed and given new treads and sidewall rubber fittings that are vulcanised to the casing. Retreading processes have become more common and advanced throughout the years, making them a reasonable consideration for many fleet owners.


  • New advances to the retreading process help to ensure their safety.

  • Retread tyres are an environmentally friendly option due to associated cost savings and the use of landfill material.

  • Cheaper than new tyres.


  • Budget tyres that are new and in better condition can prove cheaper than retreads in the long run.

  • Even in good condition, a retread tyre's cords and infrastructure will still present wearing, which means you can still expect issues with the tyre eventually.

New Tyres Cost

If you've chosen to go with new truck tyres, you'll be faced with a huge variety of brands prices and tyre types that can leave you spoilt for choice in finding the right fit for your vehicle.

Remember, while saving money is important, it should never be at the expense of safety. Often, paying a little more at the start is not only good insurance, but it ends up costing less over the longer run.

Contact us for your tyre needs

To save yourself time and hassle, contact us through our website or on the phone, and we'll gladly find you the perfect tyres for your needs. We pride ourselves on supplying only the best quality tyres at great prices, which means you are guaranteed a quality tyre solution that doesn't break the bank.

retread tyres vs new tyres - what is better?

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