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Minimise costs with regular tyre rotation

Updated: Jul 10, 2023

Can you remember that last time you had your tyre's rotated? Don't worry, not many do!

Tyre rotation is regularly forgotten, even for those who perform regular maintenance on their tyres. However, we'd like to remind you just how important it really is for any vehicle in terms of performance and safety.

Unnecessary and avoidable expenses

Save money with tyre maintenance and tyre rotation
Cut your costs by extending the life of your tyres through regular tyre rotation.

As tyre experts, we often see how unmaintained tyre's cost businesses money. Regular tyre rotation helps even out the wear across your tyres. When you overlook tyre rotation as part of your maintenance, you'll find that your tyres will wear unevenly, causing premature damage and replacement. Properly maintained tyres should last you a decent amount of time, generally five years; however, it does depend on driving style, maintenance, weather and road conditions, and how often and far the vehicle drives.

On top of the apparent expenses, as stated above, the uneven wear your tyre will experience if it isn't regularly rotated includes diminished fuel efficiency and possible fines if the tyre is deemed unsafe.


A well-maintained tyre is needed for optimal safety on the roads. An uneven tyre underperforms, causing traction issues. For your drivers' safety and those they share the roads with, always ensure your tyres are healthy and safe.

Another relatively unknown danger of uneven tyres is the sound they make. Yes, the sound. Over time, as the uneven wear gets worse, the tyres may start to cause vibrations and noises that can impact the driving ability of whoever is in command of the vehicle.

When to get your tyres rotated

It would be best if you had regular at home/at work maintenance performed on your tyres. Read our article for tips on how to do this; we also recommend that you encourage your employees to familiarise themselves with their vehicle's tyres so they can spot if something is amiss. This maintenance, however, isn't enough to ensure your tyres are in top shape. Ensure you schedule regular appointments with a tyre service such as us, Double-D Tyres. As tyre professionals, we can often notice things that aren't obvious. We also perform rotation to ensure your tyres don't wear unevenly.

If you'd like to see us for your next tyre service, then please contact us today.

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