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How to Decide on the Best Truck Tyres - by Brand, or New vs Retread?

Updated: Jul 10, 2023

If your manage and run a fleet of trucks, you will know how expensive your tyre maintenance can become. Many of our customers have asked us about the benefits of retread tyres, or if they should simply stick to new truck tyres, and if they do, which brand is the best for them?

We’ve taken some time to show you the advantages and disadvantages of retread tyres, and if you decide to go for new tyres, what brand might be the best for you.

Truck tyres

What are retread tyres?

In short, retread tyres are older tyres that are still structurally sound, that have had their worn casings removed, and are given a new tread and sidewall rubber fitting, which is vulcanised to the casing. Over the years, the process of retreading has become more advanced, giving fleet owners a feasible tyre replacement option.

Advantages of using retreads

There are quite a few advantages when it comes to retread tyres:

  • New advances in the retreading process has made them very safe

  • It is environmentally friendly to use retreads, saving on everything from oil used to make tyres, to landfill space

  • Retreads are cheaper than new tyres

Disadvantages of using retreads

That being said, using retreads also comes with their fair share of disadvantages:

  • Budget tyres, that are still new and in better condition than retreads, can actually be cheaper in the long run than using retreads.

  • Even if the old tyre casing is in good condition, it’s cords and infrastructure will have had some wear take place, which means that no matter how well the retread process worked, you can still expect some issues with the tyre down the road.

New tyres

If you decide, despite the advantages, to use new tyres instead, you will be faced with a huge variety of brands and tyre types, and it can get frustrating to find the right fit for your fleet needs.

To save on time and costs, contact us or visit our website, and we’ll gladly take the time to find the perfect tyre for your needs. We pride ourselves on only supplying the best quality tyres at great prices, which is why we’ll make sure that you leave with a quality tyre solution, that doesn’t break your bank. We also offer 24 hours road side assistance across melbourne.

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