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Review - 5 Most Popular Cars in Australia

Updated: Jun 7, 2022

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If you are looking for a reliable vehicle in Australia sometimes it's important to check into what other people are buying. Safety and reliability are important factors in car purchases and most of the cars that are popular are also amongst the safest. Another benefit of a popular car is the prevalence of parts available. Ease of availability for parts means that you can often get cars maintained more easily and more cost effectively. You can also save money with popular cars as most of the major tyre manufacturers will make a range of tyres for popular models.

Below you will find 5 of the most popular Cars currently for sale in Australia.

The Toyota Corolla: the Toyota Corolla remains one of the most popular cars in the world and it's a very popular car amongst Australians. There are over 3000 Corollas purchased every single month in Australia and it is a fairly small car that has low maintenance costs and low running costs.

The Mazda 3:

A close second behind that Toyota Corolla, the Mazda 3 remains a very attractive car because of the extra storage space that it has onboard, a new steering wheel and plenty of immersive interior functions that make it a comfortable car for driving.

The Holden Commodore:

Australian drivers remain extremely loyal to car manufacturer Holden. In Australia, the Holden v Ford battle divides neighbourhoods. This car is selling almost as well as some of the import brands and this particular model is known for its first-class safety features and the wonderful heads up display that comes as standard on the vehicle.

Hyundai i30:

With one of the best warranties in the business the i30 remains one of the best small cars to drive in Australia. It has plenty of exciting features such as the 8 inch touchscreen on board and the smartphone link which is extremely intelligent with many devices. The interior is nice and this car is feature rich for tech obsessed drivers!

Toyota Camry:

Toyota makes the list on the most popular cars in Australia twice with the Camry. It has a new and modern aerodynamic look and it has some added space within the car as well. The newest navigation features and multimedia suite also make this newest version of the Camry more attractive to buyers.

As well as these five popular cars, there are also a range of popular European vehicles - from Mercedes, BMW and Volkswagen. Whilst you may desire to be different, sometimes there is value in buying what is popular with others - that way you know that to get your car serviced or repaired will be an easier job.

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