Where to buy cheap tyres in Melbourne?

Are you looking to buy cheap tyres in Melbourne?

While we do stock high-quality tyres, we help you find the most affordable tyres at the most affordable price per kilometre. This tactic helps you get cheap tyres without sacrificing the quality and safety of your tyres.

Here at Double D Tyres, cheap tyres don't mean low quality. We buy our tyres in large quantities so we can pass the savings onto you, our customer.

We provide the best value tyres in Melbourne!

Why shop with Double D Tyres?

If you're wondering why you should choose us to buy your tyres from, let us tell you why:

  • As mentioned above, we buy in bulk and instead of pocketing the extra profit, we pass the savings onto our customers.

  • We are experts in our field and provide advice you can count on. We have a highly experienced team that can't wait to help you. We can answer all of your questions and concerns to help you find the right tyres for you.

  • Our vast stocks of tyres include every available truck tyre brand. So you can browse our whole range and find not only the cheapest tyres but the right ones for you.

  • We can provide you with commercial fleet management services. Click here to learn more about our fleet management.

  • We cater to small business right through to large national freight transport companies. No matter how big or small your needs are, we can help!

  • We assess your needs through various questions regarding the conditions in which your tyres will be used. Vehicles driven only on Melbourne's roads have different tyre needs to a vehicle that drives long-hail interstate trips.

  • We help you decide between the cheapest tyre upfront or the cheapest tyre per kilometre for the long term.

  • We have a very fast turnaround, or if you can't come to us, we can come to you!

So, if you're looking to buy cheap tyres in Melbourne, we hope you can now see why we are a good fit.

If you have any questions, please give us a call on 1300 338 973, or feel free to drop in to see us at one of our two convenient locations: Double D West Melbourne and Double D Campbellfield.

Buy cheap tyres in Melbourne | Double D Tyres
Whether your vehicles will be mainly driven on Melbourne's roads or long-haul interstate drives, we can help you find the right tyre for you.

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