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How to safely drive in the rain

Driving in the wet can compromise our vision. So be sure to follow our steps on how to safely drive in the rain.

In Melbourne, we see some pretty heavy downpours no matter what season it is. As they say, we experience four seasons in one day!

Driving safely in the rain is a life skill everyone should have, and a skill that would help keep us all safe when out in the wet weather. Not everyone knows that you need to adapt how you drive when it’s wet.

Keep the following in mind next time you’re out on the roads when our infamous bad weather strikes

Avoid driving if you can

Not always possible, but if you can, avoid driving in serious downpours. If you don’t need to be out driving, then don’t be. Its the best way you can avoid unnecessary danger.

Slow down

During the rain, it’s often harder to see. So slowing down allows for extra time to react and better traction on the road -- the faster you go, the more likely you are to skid on the wet road.

Keep both hands on the steering wheel

Both hands on the steering wheel gives you better control of your vehicle.

Allow for extra space

Keep a larger distance between you and the car in front so you have more time to brake. You’ll need extra time to break in wet conditions.

Avoid sudden steering

Drive smoothly and try to brake while keeping your steering wheel straight. Your tyres will have better traction on the road this way.

Pull in if it’s safe to do so

Every now and then, we experience a deluge that makes it near impossible to see through our windshields. If this is the case, and only if it’s safe to do so, pull over until the worst of the rain has passed.

Do not check your phone!

Distractions are the leading cause of accidents on our roads, followed by wet weather. A combination of both can be lethal, so please do not look at your phone or other distractions at all times, but especially when driving in the rain.

Inspect your tyres often

We suggest that you perform a monthly inspection of your tyres. Properly functioning tyres will help keep you safe in both dry and wet conditions. It’s imperative that you have the appropriate tread depth, plus no damage to your tyres such as cracks, bulges, uneven wear and more.

If you’re unsure how to inspect your tyres, then come see us at DD Tyres. We can perform inspections, and repairs when necessary, on your tyres.

Ros Erickson

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SBA Transport have been using Double D Truck Tyres as our sole tyre provider for in excess of seven years. During this time we have found the service they provide is second to none and the tyres are always of good quality and at a competitive price.

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Adtrans Truck Centre has been using the Boys at Double D Tyreright on Footscray for the last 4 years.  The tyres are well priced and the service calls are very prompt. We will continue to use them in the future.

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QUBE Logistics | Victoria

Qube Logistics (Vic) have had a long and ongoing  business relationship with DD tyres. We have always found them to be extremely professional and responsive in their service output and cost conscious in relation to their product range in all areas of tyres and wheels associated with our extensive heavy vehicle fleet. 


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