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How long do truck tyre repairs last before replacement is needed?

Updated: Jul 10, 2023

Like all other types of tyres, truck tyres often require repair. Objects in the road may pierce or gash them, causing air to leak out in a puncture. In general, experts agree that professional truck tyre repairs can last between seven and ten years. However, how long it actually survives depends on environmental conditions. Tyre repairs will last a shorter period if there is under or over-inflation or substantial wear on the tyre tread already. Do you require a repair or replacement? Generally speaking, tyres are repairable as long as the diameter of the puncture hole is less than 5mm. Drivers or roadside mechanics can fill holes of this size with an expandable plug to keep tyres inflated temporarily. A plug is a sticky, expandable substance that the repairer places into the hole to prevent air from escaping. Typically, repairers will only use plugs to keep the air in the tyre long enough for the truck to drive to the repair shop. A radial patch is a product specifically designed to fix radial tyres. They are generally self-vulcanising, which means that when the mechanic applies heat, the patch material fuses with the rest of the tyre, creating an airtight seal. Usually, radial tyre patching takes just 20 to 30 minutes to apply, allowing truck operators to get their vehicles back in operation rapidly. How long will a tyre last? There is some debate around how long precisely truck tyres last. Industry bodies and professionals will sometimes claim ten years, while others state that five is the maximum. In most cases, though, the life of the patch will be greater or equal to the life of the tyre. As before, tyre life depends heavily on driving conditions. However, even if the tyre is relatively new, the patch should last for as long as the tyre does. Once you repair a tyre, you shouldn’t patch it again. Multiple patches on the same tyre can affect the speed rating and lead to highway blowouts.

When is a tyre not repairable? A roadside plug will allow the truck to limp to the repair shop, but if the damage is too great, the tyre may not be repairable. For instance, if the puncture is large and deep - say 20 mm in diameter - radial patches won’t work. Similarly, if there is internal damage to the tyre (for instance, damage on the interior) that affects the function of the tyre, you will need to replace it.

If you are considering getting a tyre patched or repaired, speak to a truck tyre specialist, such as Double-D Tyres and get their recommendation. Usually, they will be able to provide you with estimates for how long the repair may last, or needs replacing altogether.

For advice and expert repairs and servicing for your vehicle's tyres, get in touch with the team at Double-D Tyres today.

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Rudra singh
Rudra singh
Feb 23, 2022

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