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Heading back out on the roads after COVID-19

Has your fleet of trucks or vans been sitting idle since the Coronavirus pandemic hit? Now as we face restrictions easing, and many Melbournians heading back to work, don’t forget to check your tyres.

Make sure you check your fleet's tyres before heading back out on the roads!

It’s been a trying time for all of us, so you may be eager to get straight back to it. We totally understand! However, taking a few minutes to give your tyres a once over may really help avoid issues while out on the roads.

After being unable to work for the last couple of months, the last thing you want is to be held up while out and about due to tyre issues.

Some tyre problems to look out for include:

Flat tyres

It’ll be pretty hard to miss a flat tyre, but trust us, it happens! A cursory glance at all of your tyres may be all you need to determine if you have a flat, but we encourage you to take your time and have a good look at each tyre.


Depending on the conditions your vehicle has been left in (inside or outside), cracks may have started to appear. Any issues like cracks or bulges should get expert attention as soon as possible. If only affecting one tyre, we suggest fitting your spare and bringing your tyre into us for repair. If affecting more than one tyre, you can contact us for mobile tyre repair - give us a call! 1300 338 973.

Air pressure

Sitting idle for a couple of months is likely to impact your tyre’s air pressure. Luckily, air pressure is an easy fix. Make sure you get it seen to as quickly as possible. Air pressure is important for the health of your tyres and also for your safety.

While you're at it, we suggest inspecting for other issues such as uneven wear, worn tread, punctures and more - please read this article for more information.

If you’re looking for commercial fleet tyre management, contact us. We are tyre experts specialising in fleet tyre management. We have two convenient Melbourne locations, but we can also come to you.

If you don’t require tyre management, save our number - 1300 338 973 - into your phone for emergency tyre situations. We offer 24/7 mobile tyre repair and services around Melbourne and even beyond. Or, you can drop in to see us for any of your tyre needs.

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Ros Erickson

SBA Transport Pty Ltd

SBA Transport have been using Double D Truck Tyres as our sole tyre provider for in excess of seven years. During this time we have found the service they provide is second to none and the tyres are always of good quality and at a competitive price.

Nigel Schofield


Adtrans Truck Centre has been using the Boys at Double D Tyreright on Footscray for the last 4 years.  The tyres are well priced and the service calls are very prompt. We will continue to use them in the future.

Bill Logan

QUBE Logistics | Victoria

Qube Logistics (Vic) have had a long and ongoing  business relationship with DD tyres. We have always found them to be extremely professional and responsive in their service output and cost conscious in relation to their product range in all areas of tyres and wheels associated with our extensive heavy vehicle fleet. 


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