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Preparing your 4WD and its Tyres for an Off-road Adventure

Updated: Nov 29, 2019


Off-road driving, taking your 4WD off the beaten track, is incredibly popular in Australia. There are so many places outside our capital cities where you can take your vehicle, but it's important to ensure that you are prepared.

If you are going to be going off-road, you will need to perform a series of off-roading checks that are very important to making sure your vehicle can get you in and out safely.

Off-road adventures can be particularly punishing on vehicles unless they are designed to handle the strain. Even still, four-wheel-drive vehicles expect the driver to do some early checks on tyres and other systems before going off-road.

Here are some of the top checks you need to do to prepare for off-road adventures:

Off-roading check #1: Check your air filter

Make sure that your vehicle has been regularly serviced and properly maintained. Checking on the air cleaner/filter will help to make sure that the engine can get air properly even if you're planning on going through the mud.

Off-roading check #2: Do a walk around:

Keeping a tool kit handy is very important as you may need to spend some time tightening up some of the nuts and bolts and testing your vehicle for integrity before heading off the path. Tightening up any of the roof racks, aerials, windshield wipers and more will help to make sure that nothing gets shaken off as you are going through some of the more punishing trails.

Off-roading check #3: Examine the tyres including the spare

In off-roading, you always run the risk that a rock or other item along the trail could puncture your tyre. Examine the tyres very closely and check on the inner wall to see signs of damage and cuts. If there are stones, screws or nails, make sure that they can be removed from the tyre as they could be driven deeper in the off-road trail and force a serious error leak. If something does go wrong you want to make sure that you have a spare tyre that is functioning so you can get the damaged tyre off, the new tyre on and get back on the road again.

Read our article on tyre maintenance for some more tips.

Off-roading check #4: Get a proper alignment and balance

Tyres need to be appropriately balanced and rotated to make sure that you have the maximum amount of grip for taking on a four-wheel adventure. Properly aligned tyres make for a better driving experience.


If you are about to head off on a 4WD adventure, you should make an appointment to come in and see us so we can help make sure that you have the right 4WD or dual cab ute tyres for the trails that you are planning on heading down.

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