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Tyre repairs in Melbourne and Victoria

Updated: Feb 1, 2022

Tyre repair or tyre replacement? You may be wondering what your best, and most economical, option is.

Truck Tyre repair in Melbourne
In need of tyre repair in Melbourne? Please contact us for help!

Often, tyres get replaced when they can be repaired. But, if you're not a tyre expert, it's hard to know what's for the best.

We recommend visiting a credible tyre supplier and repairer - like us - for honest advice. You can visit us at one of our two Melbourne locations or call us for some advice. We always do the best by our customers and point them in the right direction.

Why buy new tyres when you can repair your current ones?

While it's best to seek expert advice when you're unsure, here are some tips on how to decide whether it's best to buy new tyres or if you can repair your current ones.

Look out for the following signs which may indicate it's time for a replacement or a repair:

Tyre tread

The first thing you should do, and we recommend doing this often, is look at your tyre tread. There's no point getting a tyre repaired if it's tread is very worn as if you don't need to replace them right now, you will need to soon. So, it may be better to buy new tyres now to save money in the long run.

Read this article to learn more about the importance of tyre tread and how to tell if it's worn.

Uneven wear

If your tyres are worn unevenly, then it may be time to consider a replacement. A tyre expert can tell you if they are too far gone or if you just need to get a wheel alignment.

If unsure, always consult an expert as driving on damaged or worn tyres can be very dangerous!

Bulges and cracks

Big bulges, cracks and fissures can be another indicator that you need to replace the tyre. Again, seek advice if you're unsure.

Punctured tyre

Depending on the severity of the puncture, you may be able to get your tyre repaired. However, if your tyre has been punctured by a large object, the damage may be too great to repair. Again, this is where the help of a professional may be required.

If you require puncture repair, please contact us or drop in to see us.

Flat tyre

A flat tyre may be due to a puncture, or low air pressure. For advice on punctures, please see the above paragraph. If your tyre is flat due to tyre pressure, simply head to your nearest petrol station (if it's safe to do so, if your tyre is too flat, replace with your spare tyre first). Read your car manual to know what number to fill your tyre too - make sure you don't under or overinflate your tyres!

Read this article to understand the importance of tyre pressure.


If you find yourself needing tyre repairs in Melbourne or Victoria, please contact us. You can visit one of our locations, or we can come to you.

We provide a range of tyre services in Melbourne, including mobile tyre service, tyre repairs, tyre-fitting, tyre sales and fleet tyre management.

Our unparalleled customer service makes us stand out from the rest, so contact us for any of your tyre needs.

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