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Our top tips for looking after your truck

Updated: Oct 4, 2022

Tips for looking after your truck

Keeping your truck in a healthy condition will help you avoid costly repairs. It’ll also minimise your downtime as you’re more likely to catch things early when they can be quickly repaired.

So read on for our top tips on looking after your truck.

Keep on top of your fluid levels

Check all your fluids levels, especially oil, before a big trip. Keeping on top of your oil levels will help your truck run smoothly and hopefully keep it out of the mechanics!

Check your radiator

The last thing you want is for your truck to overheat during a long journey. So regularly check your radiator, overflow bottle and watch out for any leaks.

Check your brakes

Get your brakes checked if you notice anything out of the normal, like sounds or vibrations.

Accelerate and brake slowly

And don’t speed! If you do all three, you will help minimise the amount of wear and tear inflicted on your truck,

Avoid driving in extreme weather

If you can! We understand that it’s not always possible to not drive during heatwaves, but if you can, try and get an early start to the day to beat the heat before it peaks.

Always let your engine cool before turning off your truck

Letting your engine cool sufficiently will help avoid costly damage to your truck.

Don’t forget your tyres!

There’s no point in having a healthy truck with damaged or worn truck tyres. So make sure you keep on top of your truck tyre maintenance.

Fully functional and healthy tyres are essential for safety, handling of your truck and fuel efficiency.

Include the following in your regular truck tyre maintenance.

  • Check tyre air pressure

  • Look out for signs of damage (bludges, cracks, foreign objects stuck in)

  • Check for uneven wear

  • Make sure tread depth is fine

Bring your truck in to see us if your tyres show any signs of damage, uneven wear or worn tread. Most times, we can fix up your tyres. However, if they’re too far gone, we stock a vast range of truck tyres at the best prices.

Call us today - 1300 338 973. Or visit us at one of our two convenient Melbourne locations!

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