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Making the Right Choice of Tyres

There are plenty of options to consider when picking the right set of tyres for your vehicle. Before you come to any decisions, you may want to read about what the team at DD Tyreright have to recommend. Among the things to consider are brands and the different styles of tyres available on the market – but at DD we’ll keep things simple so you have a good guide for getting your money’s worth when shopping for fresh tyres.


It might seem obvious, but size is about the most basic consideration to make. Check the code on the wall of your tyre, or what’s listed in your vehicle’s handbook to be sure you’re selecting a good fit. What the code contains is information regarding the section width, aspect ratio, rim diameter, load and speed rating of tyre most suitable for your vehicle – they may not make any sense to you, but at DD we’d be more than happy to provide an explanation.

Quality and Price:

With the proper size of tyres figured out, you can then narrow your search down to the right price range. Granted, a higher quality will amount to more in terms of price – but the good news is that Australia utilises some of the strictest safety standards than most parts of the world, so you’ll definitely be paying for an assurance of quality as well as safety. Even if you’re on a budget, this means that even a cheaper set of tyres will safely guarantee a decent driving experience.

Your Driving Habits:

Here’s where your personal driving habits come into play. Do frequently take your vehicle out onto open roads? What about the type of climate you’ll be driving in? Factors like these will help you further refine your selection of the right tyres to a specific, and make sure that the tyres you choose have tread and handling capabilities that line up seamlessly with your driving habits. If you have a specific use for your vehicle, such as for making deliveries, specific choices like delivery vehicle tyres are also options to consider.

Any selection process can seem overwhelming – but making the right considerations can go a long way in ensuring a smooth drive.

Let the team at DD Tyreright help you navigate these considerations, and we’ll help you pick the right size, quality, and price for how you intend to drive. If it’s time for a tyre upgrade, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us today at DD Tyreright West Melbourne or Campbellfield.

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